Creators Hubs Sudan 2021

5 June 2021

The second online “Running Creative Hubs Programme” 2021, was launched earlier this month (5 June 2021) as part of the New Spaces capacity development offered to 4 Creators Hubs in Sudan (Music Hub, ArtTech Hubs, Womens Hub) supported by the Goethe Institut. See intro video below on the New Spaces Programme:

Goethe New Spaces Project Co-ordinator

Programme facilitators:

  • Belle and co Associate, Mutsa Samuel, based in Zimbabwe, is the Founder of UbuntuLab, Africa’s first and only personal Growth Hub that deals with the holistic development of emerging market entrepreneurs, influencers and institutions.
  • Belle and co Director, Belisa Rodrigues, based in South Africa, is the founder of a mission-based social enterprise called Belle and Company Pty Ltd offering training, research and consulting services to creative and social enterprises across Africa.

June Programme outline (Timezone GMT+2):

SESSION 1 Discovering Your Hub Personality

Saturday, 5th June 2021 10 am -12 pm

SESSION 2 How Hubs Change Hearts and Minds

Saturday, 12th June 2021 10 am -12 pm

SESSION 3 Sustaining yourself, your hub and your community

Saturday, 19th June 2021 10 am -12 pm

SESSION 4 Futures thinking: Resilience, Risk and Reaching out

Saturday, 26th June 2021 11 am – 13 pm

SESSION 5 Your Culture of Celebration

Saturday, 3 July 2021 10 am -12 pm

July, August, Sept, October Programme:

Monthly Webinars with guest speakers, Individual and Hub Coaching Clinics.

November Programme

5-day, in-person Creative Sustainability Bootcamp in Khartoum.

Meet some of the Creators Hub participants here:

Music Hub, Sudan
Art Tech Hub, North Darfur, Sudan
Screen shot from Session 2 “How Hubs Change Hearts and Minds”, 12 June 2021