Fak’ugesi Pitch Training

Belle and Co. designed and hosted this training programme (Mon, 18 -Th 21 October) on Discord from 18-20 Oct and on Zoom on 21 Oct. Same time daily:

13:00PM – 15:00PM (KE – EAT)

12:00PM – 14:00PM (SA – CAT)

10:00PM – 12:00PM (SN – UCT)

Overall Objective: 

  • Develop your Fak’ugesi Digi Intermediary pitch for 22 October 2021

Learning Objectives:

  • LO1: Aligning your concept with reality
  • LO2: Developing a convincing pitch
  • LO3: Enhance confidence in pitching in front of a regional and international audience 

Over 4 days, AR, VR and Immersive Media Intermediaries were taken through a series of activities to enhance their pitching skills in preparation for a pitching session in front of investors and funders to be held on Zoom on the 22 October 2022.

“A stellar list of investors in the digital innovation & creativity sector form the judging panel for a  funding pitch, specifically for Intermediary work to support the Digital Games & Immersive Media Sectors in Africa.  A focus on work in South Africa, Senegal & Kenya, with one funding grant to be awarded to participants in each country through Fak’ugesi Festival supported by the GIZ”.

The Funders include those from Vodacom, Plug and Play, DER (Senegal’s state delegation in charge of financing, coaching entrepreneurs throughout the country), Foschini Group, E-Commerce at Standard Bank South Africa as well as MasterCard.

The training took place within the Discord Environment, which allowed a central point of information gathering, discussion and learning to take place. And was facilitated by Belisa Rodrigues of Belle and Company.

Some activities included covering storytelling techniques, pitch deck development and included a guest speaker, Madiba Olivier of Ki’iro Games from Cameroon sharing his pitch journey of failures and successes.

Olivier Madiba of Kiro’o Games, and Guest Speaker at Fak’Ugesi Pitch Training

Finally the day arrived for each participant to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges. Here is the full zoom recording of the pitches:

Live Streamed Pitching event on 22 October 2022 as part of the Fak’Ugesi Festival

Congratulations to the three winners: Smilo Gosa (South Africa), Mukui Mbindyo (Kenya) and Julien and Maeva of Kayfo Game Studio (Senegal).